Surface Hair Goes Beyond the Surface of Haircare

Surface Hair products are some of my favorites. Not only do they smell good and work, but they're good for your hair, too.

I'm sure when the founders of Surface were naming the brand itself they were thinking "they go beyond the surface of haircare", because this brand really contributes to hair health and I am 100% for that.

After a long time of being careful about the products I put into my body (vitamins, food, beverages, etc.), I also pay close attention to those I put on it when it comes to skincare, hair products, makeup, and more. I want products that make me feel good and contribute to a healthy self.

I am confident Surface meets both criteria!

I am a devout user of Surface's Shine Spray. Whenever I am done curling my hair in the morning with my wide-barrel iron I spray some shine spray on my brush, then run it through my hair starting with the bottom, then restarting at the top.

This way, you get a healthy and glossy look that doesn't look greasy. I've never had that problem with Surface in general, but this is just my go-to method for any types of shine spray.

The other products you see (left) are Surface Styling Spray and Volume Mousse.

What I really like about the styling spray is that it's not as heavy as a hairspray, but still contributes to an all-day look. It helps keep my curls in place when I'm taking my headphones on and off through the work day.

As a marketer, I'm very focused on my work, and, even though I'm in an office cubicle most of the day, I figure - when you look good, you feel good, and Surface helps me do just that!

I'm usually not a fan of mousse, but Surface's isn't as sticky as those I've tried in the past. I'm looking forward to using it more for beachy summer waves.

I am interested to use this product more, because I have a bit of an ombre mane, so I was curious to see how the rose tint would effect my hair. It produced a warm hue. I'm not sure if it's for me color-wise, but quality-wise, it's sublime, and what an absolutely delicious smell! My hair felt fresh, clean, and smelt wonderful after I stepped out of the shower this morning.

I would compare it to a combination of citrus and rose, but I'm no expert. That's just what the original whiff of the product and lasting scent tends to allude.

Keep in mind, these products are meant for blondes who want to achieve a rose hue.

Finally, the CHAR shampoo and conditioner keeps my hair super clean, and it has a wonderful fresh scent that keeps going throughout the day. It's not overwhelming, and perfectly well done.

Thanks to the Surface team for sending me these gorgeous products to review. I am love, love, loving them.

See what else Surface has to offer at They have a variety of products for men and women within different price ranges that are actually affordable for a salon brand. Score!

And, before you take off, here's a little bit of their brand story:

"Surface is high performance, salon exclusive hair care that respects personal health and the earth. Surface provides the education and support necessary for salons and their guests to thrive. Inspired by salon owner and International Hair Stylist Wayne Grund along with the Surface Art Team comprised of stylists and salon owners throughout North America, Surface was founded on the promise of 'Respecting Personal Health and the Earth'. 

Surface offers a culture of education, customer service, technical expertise, and incorporates sustainably harvested ingredients and certified organic botanicals in all Surface products. The Surface culture is committed to growth, personal health, respect for earth and self and to giving back. The name Surface comes from a passion to develop superior, all natural products that respect the surface of our earth and to create a strong surface of success from which salons and their guests can grow."


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