8 Ways Essential Oils Benefit Your Health

Recently, I discovered and invested in essential oils. I honestly couldn't be happier with the results. I am a big advocate for natural beauty and healing remedies, aromatherapy being one of my favorites. 

Thanks to My Little Patchouli's recommendation, I picked up a URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser, collected some amazing samples from them and got to work.

So far, I am loving the Peppermint and Lavender scents. I also quite enjoy the Thieves aroma. I believe happy smells have the power to create a happy home, and the homes we live in should always promote our wellness, health, happiness, and the same for others who enter our homes.

After researching a bit more about the powers of essential oils in the home, I wanted to share my discoveries with you. These are just some of the ways essential oils benefit your health:

1. Fights Cold and Flu Symptoms
According to Dr. Axe, essential oils help fight cold and flu symptoms. A sure preventative? I can't exactly confirm, but if the natural aroma reigns true to their reputation, I'm willing to bet yes! Everyone could use bonus immune support, right?

2. Improves Digestion
While I'm not sure how this exactly works, I trust Dr. Axe's guidance on the subject of essential oils. Indigestion is a relatively common problem in the U.S.A. with all of the processed foods we tend to consume and other poor nutritional habits we keep, so I'm all for this benefit. Who knew essential oils could reach down to your gut and assist with this common health problem? Amazing!

3. Improves Respiratory Issues
Another incredible health benefit! Dr. Axe says eucalyptus is the best for helping with respiratory issues. Eucalyptus also supports purification of the body. Is it weird I'm getting excited about these health benefits? I'm so in love with any product that supports overall wellness, which is why I quickly got on board with essential oils. I adore their healing powers, but these benefits are just the start.

4. Reduces Inflammation
A lot of health gurus know adding ginger to some of your favorite dishes is a good trick for solving inflammation problems, but did you know it also works on the essential oil level? This is another scent that aids with digestion problems. If you're prone to gut issues, it also contributes to controlling nausea. So many benefits! 

5. Supports Metabolism
I would like to think most people wouldn't mind a little metabolism support, and what more delightful way to get that support than to incorporate the pleasant odors of lemon, ginger, or grapefruit into your home? All of these essential oils support your metabolism. On a separate but relevant note, I would also recommend adding a lemon wedge to your water daily to help detoxify your body.

6. Promotes Relaxation and Sleep
Lavender is the go-to essential oil for promoting relaxation and sleep in your home. Promoting relaxation and sleep is one of the most widely-known benefits of incorporating essential oils in the home. To create a more soothing environment, I recommend starting your Diffuser sometime after you eat supper and before you go to bed to set the mood for a calming and serene atmosphere. At the end of a hard day, essential oils like spearmint will also help eliminate stress.

7. Promotes Easy-Breathing
Seriously! Essential oils are pretty (naturally) "magical" considering this benefit. Natural Living Ideas recommends oils like lemon, rosemary, eucalyptus, and peppermint as strong contributors to promote healthy breathing.

8. Makes Showers More Therapeutic
Once you discover and start to use essential oils, bath-time with candles may be a thing of the past ... It's all about adding essential oils to your morning or nighttime shower, now. Especially for those of us that don't have the time to sit in a tub for 45 minutes, this is a wonderful alternative. While adding a few drops of Essential Oil to your shower, you'll enjoy the benefits long after your routine pop-in.

Whether you add Roman Chamomile to aid depression or reduce anger, Cypress to help restore your skin's appearance (including age spots), Mandarin to eliminate stress, or another scent, you will notice the impact. A calm life is in your near future with the incorporation of Essential Oils - trust me. Aromatherapy works!

On top of all of these benefits, essential oils have many more. Plus, they are a safer alternative than incorporating candles in the home and promote a healthier atmosphere. Essential oils have less negative impact on the environment than candles do as well.

Since making the change from candles to essential oils, I can affirm I have noticed the benefits and intend to keep up my new habit of starting my diffuser when I get home from work.

If you're looking for a brand to start with, I highly recommend my friends over at My Little Patchouli. They'll get you going with a lovely Starter Kit.

What's your favorite Essential Oil scent? Share in the comments.


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