6 Springtime Affirmations You Should Tell Yourself Now

Say these affirmations, believe them, and live them, and you will blossom with springtime.

1. "I am loved."
Though you may run into times in your life where you question your connections, remember you are always loved by someone. Love yourself. Let others love you, and don't be afraid to love in return. Genuine love is one of the purest forms of human nature.

2. "I am beautiful."
Beauty is based on perspective, and if there is good in your heart, kindness in your soul, and authenticity in your nature, that is beautiful. Your body is beautiful. All bodies are good bodies. Bodies are places we keep our thoughts, feelings, and actions stored. Care for it. It's the only one you have. Care for you, through and through.

3. "Every moment I have is a new start."
Treat yourself well. Remember that bad endings are a chance for new, better beginnings. Value segments of your life as learning experiences, always. Self-development will be your greatest reward. Live wholly within yourself. Be present with others and in your environments. Appreciate the details. Appreciate the bigger picture.

4. "I feed my spirit."
You take yourself where you want to. You live where you want to. Your decisions are up to you, no matter how constricted you may feel by yourself, your peers, or your current environment. The way you live is up to you if you allow yourself to step outside of your peripheral box and let it be. Freedom is one of the greatest gifts. Always strive to be free. Allow yourself to be free.

Be the person you want to be. Don't let yourself make up excuses that disable you from living the life you want. Live that life. Be the person you are. Be the person you always imagined yourself as. You are that person.

5. "I am in charge of my feelings."
Life is largely about perspective. You are in charge of whether or not you feel happy today. You are responsible for the way you react to situations and let them affect you. Make the positive choice for you. Stand up for yourself. Give positive energy, and receive positive energy. Life is way too short to emit negative energy. Negative energy will only bring you down.

6. "My life is up to me."
You choose what you want to do in life. Life is too short to not go for what you want. Don't be afraid to say yes to what you want, work at it, and earn it. You will feel intrinsic rewards for feeding your drive and amibitions.

These are just a few positive affirmations for you to start the spring. What are others you say to yourself during the week to help you keep up your energy and moving forward? 

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