5 Lingerie Brands You Should Know (and Love)

"Life is too short to wear boring undies."

So, don't blush about loving the pretty things in life!

Summer is an intimate season - days by the beach, vacations across the world, or even weekend road trips to the cabin. There's more to do, more people to meet, and more adventures to be had.

On a similar, but different note, the popularity of the slip dress is both comfortable and beautiful for summer 2018. I'm so glad it's lasted as long. But, what you wear underneath can be even more full of confidence, beauty, and glamour. Splurchasers, beware! You may just fall in love with these lingerie brands.

I'm personally a huge fan of lilac and lace, myself, and these brands. have me hooked for a few different reasons.

Here's why you should follow, too:

Fleur Du Mal encompasses the beauty of NYC, the funk of an indpendent designer, and eloquence of a Parisian night. I adore this brand - following it, wearing it, and ogling their silky pink p.j.s. while browser shopping.

Fleur Du Mal is traditional feminity with a perfect mix of boldness. J'adore!

For Love & Lemons' email newsletter is one I actually look forward to getting in my inbox. Show me more!

Whereas others are spammy, For Love & Lemons always delivers fresh, gorgeous looks that make me want to get to my Greece vacation all the faster. I am planning to purchase a dress I've had my eye on to wear there before I go. 

Right now I have my eye on a gorgeous lace lilac dress, though I can't seem to find the hyperlink at the moment - you know who you are, beauty! 

I found Journelle for the first time on Instagram, actually. 

I assume it was recommended to me after I had followed the aforementioned brands. The angles of their lingerie are always well-placed for the female figure. 

What I love about most of these brands, too, is although their forte is with lingerie, almost all that have been mentioned so far also make beautiful clothing, too, like dresses, rompers, and pajamas. One-stop shops!

Neon Moon is a brand I've followed since its inception. It is a comfortable, striking and sexy line for women of all sizes. Neon Moon is always on point with their messaging.

The brand makes the lingerie mold inclusive. Body positivity isn't its only killer value, though. The fun and flirty details of these pieces will keep you wholly invested and interested interested in the brand's philosphy year-round.

I'm also a huge fan of red and floral, so when I discovered this line, I was thrilled by the complementary lingerie sets, robes, and pajamas that all match. I'm definitely a tone-on-tone kind of girl - sue me. 

This brand is right up my alley, and with a variety of pieces to fit a variety of personalities and budgets, I'm sure you'll love it, too.

What's your favorite lingerie brand? Share in the comments!


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