Get to Know Manhattan Minds, NYC's Freshest Lifestyle Blog

Manhattan Minds, an NYC-based lifestyle blog that focuses on fashion, culture, art, and the diversity of the city, was founded late last year by Mona Maine de Biran.

Maine de Biran, whose impressive titles also include Co-founder of Kierin NYC, this year’s fragrance brand to watch, has ample experience as a CEO, editor, former international model, writer, beauty industry expert, and inclusivity, cultural diversity, and water and food safety awareness advocate.

Now she focuses her passions on developing both brands simultaneously, as they complement each other with unique sophistication and artistic movement. Her vast networks of supporters will further enable her success as a top blogger and fragrance connoisseur.

Do not be mislead, though ...

Manhattan Minds is its own entity, providing social commentary on top happenings in NYC and the worlds of fashion, style, and beauty.

In addition to managing these two brands, Maine de Biran aims to gather a group of like-minded influencers in the greater NYC area to share ideas, make connections, and be a part of the same lifestyle, art, and beauty movements within the digital sphere. If you fit into this genre, Maine de Biran encourages you to submit your material to her, to potentially be posted to her influential blog. Visit the website to get connected. Manhattan Minds is poised to become the hub for bloggers to boost their material in directional ways to reach the right audiences, colleagues, and brands.

Some of Maine de Biran’s latest topics include Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty, Goop by Gwyneth Paltrow, yin and yang, eclectic NYC artexhibits, and tastefully done NYC pop-ups. Maine de Biran provides insider access to the city from a first-hand perspective. She shares her life experiences while expounding upon current professional happenings in and outside of her circles.

Maine de Biran is the former champion of the TV talent show, Star Search, a title that further showcases her wide array of passions and talents. Maine de Biran does anything she sets her mind to, with professional experience and personal passion to support her journey. She is persistent with and dedicated to her many crafts. She does not spread herself thin, but does all things she commits her time to with thoughtfulness and high quality.

Manhattan Minds is undoubtedly poised for success. What with Maine de Biran’s former title as Executive Vice President of Niche Media, publishers of the popular Hamptons and Gotham magazines, plus her experience modeling for top high-end global fashion lines, she carries herself with a poise, elegance, and artistic fervor that is well-articulated in her thoughtfully directed writing.

Get a taste of Manhattan Minds for yourself – Read the latest post, “Inspired by NYC Street Art," here.


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