8 Things to Treat Your Single Self to on Valentine's Day


The Single Lady's Gift Guide for Valentine's Day

Single ladies, are you ready? Valentine's Day isn't just for couples! Treating yourself is the best way to go when celebrating the holiday. When it comes to love, strong, confident, independent women know best that it's about loving and taking care of yourself first. You are the mold, vision, and leader who keeps your life together. Celebrate yourself by treating yourself this Valentine's Day. 

Here's what I recommend ... 

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1. Ulta Beauty Shopping Haul
Let yourself indulge in that makeup you "know you shouldn't get," but have been dying over since you saw its first branded Instagram post. It's okay. You deserve to spend $85 on that facial mask your parents would be shocked you splurged on! You only need please yourself, on Valentine's Day and every other day.

2. Your Favorite Wine & Chocolates
Maybe you fancy a different drink, but my personal favorite go-to had always been a glass of dry red paired with Dove dark chocolates. Now I'm more of a seltzer water and Dove dark chocolate kind of gal. So, if you're like me, get some delicious seltzer to pair with your sweet tooth on V-Day instead of a hard glass of something. I'm very picky about my eating habits. Due to having type 1 diabetes, I stick to a regimented, healthy diet, so I'm choosy about my food splurges. Dove dark chocolate cooperates well with my blood sugar levels while satisfying my sugar cravings. Make sure you count the holiday as your cheat day, then treat yourself to a killer workout at the gym later in the week. Let portion control be your guide to dessert indulgences. A treat doesn't have to mean an abundance of them. Remember, a healthy body is a happy body! (Love, mom [or your nutritionist]. 😉)

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3. Subscription Box
Go ahead! Why not? Whether you go with the Lady Gang Box, Fab Fit Fun, or Allure, which is my foremost recommendation, have some fun all year when you finally check the box on the subscription you've been adding and removing from your online shopping cart. Go for it! It's just one of those things you have to experience yourself to understand its pleasure. Getting a subscription box in the mail once a month is like getting a present delivered to your doorstep once a month, and for all you get with these, they are a serious deal. So, take pride in your budget-consciousness as a gift that keeps on giving with subscription boxes.

4. Lingerie
You have been killing yourself at the gym. Show off your hot, hard-earned bod. Buy yourself some lingerie. It isn't always bought for when you have a significant other ... walk around your single lady apartment with your feel goods on and dance! Be confident. Be proud. Personally, I've been impressed by Forever 21's affordable lingerie section recently, but my favorites will always be For Love & Lemons and Victoria's Secret. Get yourself something nice for you. Why not?

5. Bath Bombs
Because what's honestly better than bath bombs with candles and your favorite music playing in a bathtub? Maybe lavender bath salt and bay leaves ... but, these bath bombs are a dual purpose feel-good, because when you buy, part of the proceeds go to JDRF! And you know me, I'm all for companies and organizations that support a cure for type 1 diabetes. I 100% recommended buying from the Bath Bomb Girl. Just watch for yourself -- she's a load of cuteness and a big bundle of good.

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6. A New Read
I recommend a book by Mindy Kaling, Amy Poehler, Chelsea Handler, or Rupi Kaur. Fill your soul with some insightful vibes in a variety of tones. Each of these women have a strong and distinct voice that carry their writing with special wit, wisdom, insight, relatability, and, sometimes, laughter.

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7. Netflix Binging
If you're not already subscribed, I'm surprised, but Valentine's Day is the perfect day to start if not. The cheapest subscription is only $7.99/mo, plus tax. I would personally recommend watching Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce, Master of None, or Lovesick. (P.S. Prepare to girl-crush hard on Beau Garrett's character on Girlfriend's Guide. Johnny Flynn's Dylan on Lovesick is also pretty likable ... 😘)

8. Whatever the Hell you Want
It's a free "treat yourself" day, so do it with style and absolute dedication. Make the day about you. You are an amazing individual! Celebrate what makes you strong, confident, gorgeous, intelligent, soulful, and forward-thinking, or whatever other adjectives you use to describe your fabulous self. There is so much to value about you. Your friends know it. You know it. (Your mom probably [definitely] does.) But, at the end of the day, all you need is you, so show yourself some love today, and every day. You deserve it.

Happy Valentine's Day, loves -- how are you spoiling yourself for the holiday? 

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