Time's Up

Time's up on not paying attention to the Time's Up movement, because no matter what your gender, politics, economic status, environment, or demographic, this movement is undoubtedly important and affecting someone you care about. Whether that is yourself, your spouse, significant other, friends, family, or colleagues, equality matters in the workplace. Equality matters in all aspects of life -- period. The way we treat each other matters tremendously.

Take a stance.

Treat others with the same respect you want given to you -- with the same kindness, effort, and care. Stand up for what matters. People are what matter. Equality matters. Justice matters. Kindness matters. Care matters. Patience matters. Flexibility matters. Adaptability matters. Evolution of the human spirit and ideology matters. Proper care for the human condition and the environments in which we live, matter.

Ask yourself what you care about. Ask yourself what's important to you. Do it now. Do it for you. Do it for those whom you love. Do it because the present is all we have, and it matters because we create that attitude and philosophy. We create our importance. We decide what our motivation is. We decide our perspective and attitude.

Make it count! Make it all count ...

We get one life. Live it well. Live it with respect for life.


Get more details about the Time's Up movement here.


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