Skincare Roundup -- 5 Beauty Products + Tools Reviewed

One of my admitedly favorite guilty pleasures is testing new skincare products. As a self-described health nut (except for the occasional pint of Halo Top ice cream), I value skincare as a priority in my beauty routine. These products are some I've recently tried out of giving into splurging or because of my beauty box subscription. Find out if they're right for you ...

1. Nurse Jamie L.A. Instant Uplift Facial Roller
I originally noticed this tool a la Hilary Duff + Lea Michele's social media profiles. Though I haven't specifically noticed any tremendous uplifting effect, I can attest to Nurse Jamie's firming effect with this beauty tool. Once you get the tool in the mail, it comes with instructions about how and where to use it to create an uplifting effect. The tool can be rolled across your cheeks, under eyes, forehead, decolotage, and more. The uplifting effect is probably better achieved if used daily, and I am definitely not a 7-days-a-week user. I use it whenever I want a nice, cool, firming effect. This is more of a luxury item than anything. The best results occur if you apply a contour or firming cream before rolling. If you want to splurge on something fun and new, I would recommend, but as far as uplifting effects go, I would steer you towards a cream more than anything.

Find it with the Dermstore for $69.00. New Dermstore customers receive 20% off their first order!

2. Fresh Beauty Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Concentrate
I am seriously loving this black tea age-delay eye concentrate from Fresh Beauty. I received it as a special gift for signing up for Allure Beauty Box. Fresh Beauty is one of my favorite brands for its natural, beautiful effects. I especially love the brand's elegant, dainty, and organic Instagram posts. Guilty pleasure? No, I don't feel guilty about loving this brand at all. This product in particular is one I apply under my eyes before bed 2-3 times per week. It aids in ridding your face of dark circles, and contributing to an overall glow.

Get a 15 mL from Sephora for $68.00.

Firming, tingly, pretty, and Instagrammable -- what more could a beauty product junkie want from a facial mask?! Seriously, though, this mask isn't just fun to wear for 30-40 minutes 2-3 times a week. It produces a firming, glowy effect that lasts throughout the day. The more you use, the better the results. Anything you begin to incorporate into your beauty routine when new, by my experience, produces better results when you stick to a consistent schedule with usage. Draw yourself a nice bath full of lavender with your favorite music playing in the background while you enjoy this mask. Paint your nails. Read the latest Vogue -- whatever your fancy. #GlitterMask is fancy AF, so much fun, and legit. Plus, this brand does amazing with their packaging ... It's the candy of skincare!

Treat yourself to it with Sephora for $69.00 for the 1.7 oz container. You can also purchase a smaller size for less, but I say go big or stay home. You're going to want to splurge all the way with this mask!

4. C.E.O. Rapid Flash Brightening Serum by SUNDAY RILEY
I recieved this brightening serum in my Allure Beauty Box recently. I apply it before bed or in the morning. It produces a nice glow pretty quickly. I don't use it everyday, maybe 2-3 times a week since receiving it. It also has a great orange smell to it. The product delivers on its promises to give customers brighter and softer skin when using. I definitely notice a glowing complexion, feel softer skin, and love the fragrance of it.

Get your 30 mL from Sephora for $85.00 (or sign up for an Allure Beauty Box subscription to receive more full-sized beauty products for less here).

5. Algenist Advanced Lift Contouring Cream

This product is one I only use about once a week since recieving it in my Allure Beauty Box. It moisturizes while it firms. I usually apply it in the moring or before bed when using. I apply it to my face, neck, and decollette to meet the product's full potential. It is best used after applying your usual facial serum. One of my favorites is Glo Skin Beauty Vitamin C serum. In fact, I would use the Glo Skin Beauty Vitamin C serum, then the Algenist Cream, and finish with Nurse Jamie's Uplifting Roller to complete my morning skincare routine on occassion. It's a wondrous combo!

Though, I have to admit, I don't think I'd buy this product for myself if it weren't included in my beauty box, only because it's not a product I really "need" at this time in my life. I still see its benefits, however, and would recommend if you desire a more advanced firming, moisturizing effect in your beauty routine. This product has undeniable anti-aging benefits.

Find the 60 mL with Sephora for $96.00.

Which of these products are you looking forward to trying? Share in the comments.


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  1. I have to try the glitter mask! That looks so fun!

  2. It definitely lives up to the hype! Hope you love it, Taylor. Xx.


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