Rushana Bright Brings Couture to Oshkosh, WI

Rushana Bright, a luxury clothing brand created by fashion designer Rukhshana Yuldasheva, which emphasizes its brand quality, elegance, and couture in its collection of fashion-forward dresses, made its 2018 debut at Rise + Grind in Oshkosh, WI on January 25.

While, unfortunately, I was unable to attend as I had planned due to car problems that day, (thanks, Wisconsin weather), I was fortunate enough to recap the event's success with the brand's PR rep.

The event showcased a collection of winter designs while attendees were served a luxury experience of champagne and appetizers as they saw the dresses in-person for the first time.

This special evening is just the beginning for Rukhshana and her fabulous collection that owns up to it's "bright" name, though. This Wisconsin-based designer will make her designs known as far and wide as she pleases with her creative vision to guide her brand forward.

Some pieces are MET ball-quality. Hollywood, do you see this?

The dresses radiate a unique elegance that is illuminated by a daring flair and fervor for modern trends. If Rukhshana has a say, Oshkosh and the surrounding area are poised for growth in the fashion design industry, a promising attitude for young entrepreneurs that are aiming to venture into fashion and design startup culture. Anything is possible in the Midwest!

Rukhshana's collection is beyond the typical Midwesterner's dreams of prom, and is a clear reflection of high culture and modern design in their specialty. The art of fashion has truly arrived in the Midwest with Rukhshana ... Just look for yourself:

Aspiring Midwest artists, designers, fashionistas, models, and influencers undoubtedly have something to learn from Rukhshana's creative vision ...

For more information about the collection and to keep up to date with future events the brand hosts, visit and follow the collection on its social media profiles.

*Images Courtesy of Rushana Bright and Video Stills by Mirrorless Productions.


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