NEON MOON Announces Free Customer Incentive for February

Let me introduce this press release by expressing my delight in knowing the uber-talented Hayat Rachi, Founder of NEON MOON. 

I had the pleasure of interviewing her back when I ran (now unpublished). A confident, bold, give-no-f*cks, beautiful, innovative woman, she has recently informed me of a free customer incentive for NEON MOON- lovers to look forward to in February. 😘

As the world's foremost feminist lingerie line, they have a very special announcement for their loyal customers this January.



Body positive, feminist lingerie brand, Neon Moon are offering a FREE sex toy as a Valentine’s Day gift to customers in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

Any customer who spends over £75 in lingerie on the Neon Moon website, will also receive a bullet vibrator worth £15 at a random choice of colour. The offer will be valid from January 10th – February 14th 2018.

Valentine’s Day is conventionally centred around giving love to another person as well as receiving it from them.

But there isn’t much emphasis on loving yourself. Regardless if you have a significant other or not, love everyday, in particular the 14th February should start from within.

Neon Moon strongly believe that women shouldn’t have to rely on their partners to provide them with pleasure. Sexual liberation for women is here, and feminist lingerie brand Neon Moon promotes this notion.

By receiving their free bullet vibrator, women can begin to have more control of their sexual pleasure. It’s only natural, after women purchase Neon Moon lingerie that reminds them of their unique beauty, that they receive a tool that allows them to take control of their sexual pleasure too.

Sometimes even if you have a partner on the day, he or she may not be able to do the job properly, after all, nobody knows your body better than you! Women can solve this problem by putting on their Neon Moon lingerie which adapt and using their new vibrator to do the job themselves.

Neon Moon believes that Valentine’s Day is about love. Period. Not just love between two people. It’s also about women’s love; between me, myself and I.

Female self love is something that Neon Moon feel strongly about, and something that isn’t taken seriously enough in wider society.

Neon Moon’s offer will help to empower women (particularly those who are single) on a day where certain parts of the world exclude them.

You don’t have to rely on a partner to treat you on Valentines Day. By getting new lingerie (and a free sex toy) you can treat yourself, because you love yourself.


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