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8 Ways to be Exceptionally Yourself this Year

As a young person, whether you are still in high school, graduating college, or find yourself a 20-something in their first or second job out of school, it can be hard to accept who you are. Despite and because of everything, it’s better you learn earlier rather than later the importance of loving and believing in yourself confidently, without judgment.

How and where do you start? Let me guide you through the process.

5 Things I've Learned From Dating People Who Were "Wrong for Me"

Dating exists for a reason — it’s an internal methodology we use to test what we do and don’t like in people and identify what they do and don’t like in us until we find the things we want to deal with in a person and lock them down for good. Some people never lock it down, and that’s okay, too. Whatever makes you happiest and healthiest! Those of us who date often, often know that relationships may not complement those ideologies.

Some of us choose love with our first attempt, while others kiss many frogs before they find their endgame. Dating the wrong people does not mean they’re bad people or you’re bad people, though. In fact, it means this and a whole lot of other things …

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6 Ways to Treat People Better and Live a More Authentic Life

Before I dive in, first thing’s first — you must acknowledge and understand that the precedent you set for how you treat others teaches them how to treat you. You show others how to treat you by the way you treat them and yourself.

When it comes to treating people better, it’s not only about them, but the way you feel about yourself that offers a reflection of your action or inaction in quality behavior. Treating people better will become second-nature to you once you truly inherit these life lessons.


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