Life with T1D -- Catch up with Lyfebulb and Insulin Nation

Friends, I have two exciting posts to share with you this week, one published to the wonderfully supportive and encouraging chronic disease management site, LyfeBulb, and the other to Insulin Nation, which focuses on supporting those managing both types of diabetes.

Click the images and links below to read my latest T1D shares to the community! I share excerpts from each post below.

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Lyfestories: Julia Flaherty - Lyfebulb

"As of January 5, 2018, I will have officially had type 1 diabetes for 14 years, and let me tell you by experience, it does not get easier. Well, those aren’t the words I would use, necessarily. Your condition changes with you. Change being the only constant, adaptation and finding your balance is key to living a healthy life as a person with type 1 diabetes. Being diagnosed with the condition never means you are also chronically diagnosed with misery. As a person who may be newly diagnosed, I beg of you, find purpose, passion, and fulfillment in your life. It is so possible with type 1 diabetes. In fact, I’d like to argue it’s more than that. It’s beyond possible ..."

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Opening Yourself to the World with T1D -- Insulin Nation

"As a person who has managed Type 1 diabetes for 14 years as of this January, I know as well as most long-term managers that being open to others and to the external world while caring for this chronic condition can be tough. Managing diabetes becomes the priority, while other life fillers and experiences assume second-rank. Because of its burdensome daily rituals, Type 1 diabetes can be very isolating, easily leading to depression, anxiety, or increased stress. Hence, people with diabetes must redouble their efforts to break out of their shells and experience people and the world."

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