Kierin NYC Embodies the Spirit of New York, Solidifies itself as a Fragrance Brand to Watch

A fragrance is not just important for smelling good but expressing mood, personality, and character. With an unlimited amount of fragrance commercials appearing around the holidays, independent brands that appeal to a niche millennial market pop-up every now and then, but Kierin NYC will be one that keeps coming around. As it grows in social consciousness and glamourous popularity, the line is poised to stay in your news feeds, purses, and atop your vanities for many years to come as it grows as an eCommerce-based fragrance brand.

Kierin NYC, a fragrance line set to launch in spring 2018, aims to reflect mood, personality, and character, with a special focus on the spirit of New York, which is constantly changing and uninhibited. Unlike other brands of its kind that have aimed to bottle up the diversity of New York before, Kierin NYC does so with delicacy, grace, pizzazz, and fashion, keeping inclusivity and the individual in mind as it develops.

Chris Rosasco, an artist and one of the creative visionaries behind the brand, anticipates its launch with confidence as he stands among a group of founders with ample experience in and passion for the fragrance industry. Having experienced a long career in the fragrance industry, working for world-renowned companies like Estee Lauder New York as the company's Director of Visual Merchandising Design and Creative Director at Dana Classic Fragrances, Inc., Rosasco brings the professional vision and energy the brand needs to thrive.

From left to right: Chris, Mona and Didier
Didier Maine de Biran contributes his business mind and success to Kierin NYC, having experience working for Estee Lauder Paris and CHANEL international. Maine de Biran moved to New York from Paris in 1997 to launch Thierry Mugler - Angel Fragrance brand in North America, serving as the Vice President of Marketing. Following the brand's success as a top women's line in U.S. and Canada, Maine de Biran spearheaded business and marketing efforts with BVLGARI and Puig perfumes. After leading these companies for over seven years, Maine de Biran moved on to Dana Classic Fragrances, Inc., acting as the company's CEO. Now he excites over his own line, which he shares foundership with among Rosasco and his wife, Mona Maine de Biran. Didier's rich knowledge of the industry is only matched by his enthusiasm for it.

Mona Maine de Biran is a former international model and champion of the TV talent show Star Search, an entrepreneur, and investor. As a model, she appeared in television commercials and high fashion magazines, from Greek Elle to Australian Vogue, to French Depeche Mode. Mona is incredibly invested in global diversity, having taught herself to be fluent in French, Spanish, Italian, even some Greek and Japanese. Following her successful modeling career, Mona went back to NYC to pursue management and publishing. She acted as the Executive Vice President of Niche Media for many years, publishers of the popular local magazines, Gotham and Hampton.

"To me, there is no more eclectic, inclusive and exciting city in the world," Mona says. "New York City's offering of diverse, thought-provoking and entertaining things to discover is never-ending. I naturally love writing about it and discovering what others have to share on the subject, too."

An advocate for food and water safety awareness, cultural diversity, and inclusion, Mona now acts as co-founder of Kierin NYC and founder of the New York City lifestyle blog, Manhattan Minds.

Being connected to these founders as friends and former colleagues at Dana Classic Fragrances, Inc., I have had the good fortune of testing the fragrances pre-launch and can attest to their genuineness in scent and story.

Santal Park is a fresher scent by comparison to the rest. I have also found there to be a bit of a spice to it -- a special uniqueness. All unisex fragrances, Santal Park is like walking through Central Park if Central Park were clean and you always had a forward, directional attitude while meandering through it. Nolita Noir is a more romantic scent, perfect for wearing during a night out or standing out during a business meeting or job interview; truly, whatever your fancy.

Sunday Brunch provides a mixture of warmth and freshness. There's no doubt it will remind you of being with friends and family; then, wanting to share the new fragrance line with them. Finally, Highline Flirt is the line's last unique scent, designed for the ballsy adventurer who is open-minded to the art of possibility.

I realize it's a bit of a tease to attest to them as highly pre-launch, but I mean it through and through when I tell you this is a brand you need to watch and get to know months in advance. Start following their story on Instagram, as they tell it with captivating product visuals, complemented by the essential elements of New York: depicting culture, icons, places, faces, and glowing neon signs, among more.

The brand's feed will put you in a mood for a night out with friends at the best igloo rooftop bars in January, or romantic night in with your significant other against a fireplace entrapped in one of those great New York exposed brick walls ...

Whether you're feeling flirty, directional, open to change, or something else, there's a scent in this line to match your Zodiac any day of the week. The overall balance of the brand's feed is aimed to affect positive change among millennials in the beauty and fashion markets, delving into its backstory.

All said and done, 2018 will be a year for the individual, and Kierin NYC embodies this spirit exactly, in and outside of Manhattan. Allure is bound to be watching this line blossom. Best of Beauty is not far from this brand's future ... I can see it. I'm sure you're also getting this vibe ...

There is a soul in this fragrance line, carefully thought out by its creators who envision a long future for their brand.

In his own words, Didier Maine de Biran describes the brand as, "a new iconic premium fragrance brand with a deep passion for building beautifully crafted, richly appointed, sophisticated scents for creative minds."

Let the flavor of the city within the line compel you to visit, travel, or do something daring within your own local. 2018 is about making a difference, and having the right scent to back you up is the only companion you will need in the New Year. Having the right fragrance to complement your apparel is like having the best makeup to complement your face -- you are in good hands with this line.

What is more alluring than the promise of something delightfully unexpected, after all? The spirit of New York is in Kierin NYC, and soon to be worn on you year-round, I predict.

Watch for the fragrance line, set to arrive in Spring 2018.

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