On the power of believing in yourself

Don't think about all the things you didn't do. Don't think about what is out of your control or try to change the things that are. Don't waste your time. Don't waste your energy. Don't feed stress. Feed proactivity.

Enable fulfillment. Embrace happiness. Embrace the self that is. Accept that self. Think about what you can do. See it. Believe it. Go for it. Life is too short to not. Set your goals high, but be kind and patient with the process. Don't let life hurry by without looking at the view. It's pretty great sometimes. Smile at yourself genuinely along the way. Absorb the lessons when it isn't as beautiful as you had hoped. You will learn to see the good in the bad a whole lot better. You will learn to stop judging yourself. You will learn to accept yourself with the kindness and lack of doubt that you would with a good friend.

Be an ally to yourself. Love yourself, wholly, fully, without question, always. You deserve it so much more than you let yourself believe. Say okay to you. Say okay to loving yourself.

Now say yes - to loving you. To loving yourself. Believe in the wholeness and hope that provides you. To sustain a fulfilled, happy life, you must realize the internal, intrinsic reward that a self devoid of self-judgment promotes. Be the person you need. Tell yourself what you need to hear. Be enough when you tell yourself. You are - you are enough. You are more than you believe in your worst moments. You are your best moments at different levels. Absorb the lessons of anger and sadness. You are human. You are allowed to fall. Learn to pick yourself up. Learn to push yourself. Learn to do things for yourself. Let yourself feel and face every self. Facing the bad moments will make you appreciate the good moments all the more. Make an effort to consciously change your thought patterns when they attempt to lead you back down the rabbit hole...

You get out of life what you put into it. Put a self that is kind to oneself first. Lead yourself with kindness and patience. Make your best efforts, but do not put so much pressure and stress on yourself that you can't enjoy the rewards of your hard work. Hard work and stress are not directly correlated; at least, they don't have to be. Do the work you love. Work the way you love. Love the way you work.

Do it for yourself earlier rather than later. What are you waiting for? Life is happening right now. The future is now. The present is yours. Enjoy the gift of life, as cheesy as that sounds, with the energy and sense of hope you do on your best days. This doesn't mean striving to over achieve at all times. This doesn't mean partying every day. This doesn't mean engaging in luxury behavior. This means learning to find content with every feeling and every type of day. The human condition is disruptive to our personal and professional successes, sure. The true key to any sort of success, at any level, is perspective. When you learn to see the world clearly, without harshness or rose-colored glasses, when you find balance, you find you.

Discover yourself, discover the purpose of your life. Only you can create your purpose. Only you can create your happiness. Enable an authentic perspective. Create a fulfilled one. Create a happy one. You deserve it. You do.

Julia Rose


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