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8 Beauty Products You Need to Add to Your Daily Routine

I'm a beauty junkie. Shocker, right? After working in the fragrance and wholesale fashion industries, I have become a trend monitor, but what I value even more than "what's hot now" is what will last. Sustainability is incredibly important to me when it comes to my beauty regimen.

As health, nutrition and fitness are important to me, putting equally healthy products on my face and body are just as so. Here are the products I recommend to you in the New Year, if you aren't already using them:

1. St. Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Cream

This skin-tightening product doesn't just work for your face. If you haven't started applying it all over your body, you're missing out. I use it to firm the skin on my legs and arms. It works beautifully, doesn't leave a lot of extra residues, and is odorless. St. Ives is soft, but effective when it comes to application. You can find St. Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin at Walmart for only $5.44.

2. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water for Makeup Removal & Skin Cleansing

This product is a serious life-saver. While removing your makeup, it also cleanses your skin. It's safe to use around your eyes and all over your face. Gently wipe your makeup off after applying some of this product to your chosen cotton round. I don't have any one color I prefer; I like them all! Find this product at Walmart for $6.96.

3. Redken 25 for Easy Hair Repair

I owe this find to my sister who introduced me to this product earlier this year. I am a person who likes to change up my look, so this product has also been a life-saver. Spray on slightly damp or dry hair, then brush through. Your hair will almost instantly feel softer and look shinier without being oily. Find it at Ulta for $34 for the 13.5 oz size.

Watch Ulta's e-mail and print newsletters for deals on this product. Sometimes they offer buy-2-get-1 free, which is actually a steal because you'll be using this all year, trust me. Sign up for Ulta's free rewards program if you're a beauty-lover, and especially if you have asked for Ulta gift cards this holiday season. It's easy to build up points to get $3.50 off a purchase.

4. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence (Toner) for Balancing Your Skin Tone & Blemishes

I don't currently own this product because it's a bit on the expensive side, but received a great free sample size at a Macy's counter once, and hot damn! I have never noticed as fast of a result on my skin. I have naturally pretty decent skin, but get acne scars from occasional breakouts. This product cleared it up within just a few uses. I would highly recommend it if you can invest in it.

Watch for samples in high-end retail stores, or buy if you can afford the splurge. The 5.4 oz size is available at Neiman Marcus for $179. Find different sizes on SK-II's website. Honestly, just writing about it, I'm tempting myself to splurchase - this stuff is the real deal, friends. Trust me!

5. Burt's Bees Blemish Stick for Acne

Another great natural product. Burt's Bees always delivers when it comes to quality. I trust this brand to keep my skin naturally smooth and clean. I have been using the blemish stick for years, and the results are there. My acne scars clear up within about 2 weeks of steadily using this product. I notice a difference within the first few days, then, usually, my scars and breakouts are gone within that 2-week period. Don't skip this when it comes to maintaining your skin routine if you need it. Make your skin a priority.

Get it at Walmart for $7.84.

6. Organix Moroccan Oil for Shiny, Healthy Hair

Don't apply a ton of this to your hair when you're using it. You only need about a quarter-size amount in your hair if it's long like mine. Put the product in your palm, then spread across your hair, wherever it needs the most help for strengthening and shine. Use it when your hair is damp, apply from ends to roots. Brush through, then blow dry after letting it sit for a few minutes to really absorb. You'll love the lasting finish and subtle warm scent of this product.

Get it at Walmart for $8.16.

7. Suave Rosemary & Mint Shampoo & Conditioner for Clean, Purified Hair

Spending a ton of money on shampoo and conditioner is something I refuse to do when Suave exists. Their products really are just as good as the salon from my experience. When it comes to cleansing and purifying my strands, I use Suave Rosemary & Mint Shampoo & Conditioner. It leaves a refreshing, lingering smell after using, and removes the residue your other products leave in your hair.

Find these products at Walmart for under $3.

8. Active Wow Activated Coconut Charcoal Powder from Amazon for Naturally Whiter Teeth

I was skeptical about this product at first. I had tried other whitening products in the past, and although I'm still getting used to having to scrub hard to get the additional charcoal off my teeth, once I do, they look naturally whiter. I like this product because it's soft on your teeth and doesn't produce an overbearingly white color. This product lives up to the hype beauty and fashion bloggers tell.

Get it on Amazon for $24.79. (Beats a visit to the dentist's office any day!)


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