For those who need to be released of their internal burdens ... let go

Let me be 100% honest with you when I say I am often the worst at taking my own advice. As they say, and as I have said to you, progress is a lifelong journey. Though you have good and bad days, overcoming obstacles or a difficult past can take months, even years of work, depending on what and how much you have to overcome.

I recently read a quote that said something like, "The pain you experience today will help you become stronger tomorrow."

Considering this quote, I thought to myself about the word strength and how I embody it in my own life. I thought about control next. Control and strength are not necessarily the same thing, though I have been a culprit of using them interchangeably throughout my life. Control is method. Strength is the truth you live. Strength is not constant. Strength must be worked on to be maintained. Strength is a sustainable quality in someone, but it can be fleeting. Just because you are a strong person, whether mentally, physically, or both, does not mean you don't have your weak moments.

Everyone is weak because everyone is human. We can't all be strong all the time. More than that, we can't expect ourselves to be...

I think this video does a great job of explaining what I'm getting at, actually:

Even as adults, we need this reminder to not let our sad or upset feelings last too long. We have to experience them. Let live, then let go. Do not let linger.

It's okay if you have to remind yourself of this more than you would like to right now. There will come a day when you don't have to. Retraining your brain to believe something that you didn't before can take a while, especially if you were born and raised on a different foundation.

Be one within yourself. Be well. Be kind to yourself. Do something that makes you feel positively or inspired after you have experienced the bad emotions. Do not use these hobbies as a way to distract yourself, because it will only encourage build-up.

Let yourself feel and do not feel bad for thinking negatively, just learn to let it go sooner rather than later. That's all you need to do in this life. It's pretty simple, and the people who love and care about you most want this for you too - to be happy and healthy. That's it. It's not a cheesy goal. It's not an underachieving aim. Happiness does not always come easy for people.

Achieving overall wellness is a superb goal. Working at it everyday is commendable. This does not mean always being strong, but making a serious effort to be well and happy. This does not mean always being serious, however. Let me emphasize that. Let yourself be happy. Let yourself be silly. Let yourself laugh. Let yourself get through. Get out of your own head. For God's sake, stop thinking so much. Act. Do. Let yourself walk through the fire to get to the clearing.

You will get to the other side. There is another side. Though you may be experiencing an internal debate between two sides of you in this life: the nurturer and the person who needs to be nurtured, find that balance within you.

Loosen your shoulders. Untighten. Relax. Let yourself live there - in relaxation and inner-peace.

Be the friend you need. Be the family. Be the love. Be the light. Absorb the light in your life, whether
sunshine, people, work, hobbies, or, hopefully, all of the above.

Find the things that make you well. Make an effort to be around them. Make an effort to be those things in and of yourself. You are more capable than you know or could imagine.

The fragile ways you may have felt this year are a normal human experience. You are important. Someone out there cares about you. Let it be me for now if you feel isolated or alone. I am here for you. People in the mental health community are here for you. You are never as alone as you feel. Being alone does not mean being lonely. Being alone can be especially empowering when you learn to find content with yourself.

You deserve to be that way for yourself. It's not always about loving yourself first. Sometimes it's hard to when you are struggling with anxiety or depression, or are going through a hard time. It's making the effort to. It's making the effort to care for, love, and nurture yourself the way you would a friend if they were going through a hard time.

Hard times are just that - moments. They are not your present. They are not your future. Your future is now. Let it live wholly and well under a security blanket you provide yourself. You are safe. You are loved. Let it be by you. Always. Forever. Hold yourself tenderly. Be patient with your learning experiences. No one person figured out the world or themselves out in a day, or ever, really. There is no figuring out. There is only living. We will never know all the answers, but we can choose to love ourselves and live well.

Choose to live well. That is my wish for you now, in the New Year, and on. You will get through hard times. If this year has reminded me of anything, it's that I am not perfect and I don't have to be, nor should I want to be. It's reminded me that life is unexpected in a sort of beautiful way. It's reminded me that there are good people out there who have the capacity to love you, who are willing to accept you no matter your past or present difficulty. It's reminded me that those people who really care about you will push you through this time. It's reminded me you will be that person for yourself, and you will feel so empowered by being so.

This year has reminded me there are lessons in everything. It's reminded me that I am not entitled to anything. I have learned invaluable life lessons this year. With how much has changed, I look forward to taking myself into the New Year with a clear, cleansed, happy, peaceful mind.

I look forward to being the self I always knew I was capable of being. I look forward to experiencing her under only my own expectations, which I have adjusted for my own wellness. You don't have to be anyone but the person you want to be. Do not let others' achievements or expectations define you. You need only worry about yourself.

I am happy to live lighter, more well, and all-accepting of myself. I love myself. I want you to love yourself too, genuinely. I love my friends. I love my family. I love being alive, even during hard times.

I am not my mistakes. I am not my pain. I am not my experiences. I am a product of them and I have learned from them. I have grown from them. I have become stronger. I will continue to open my heart and mind to the world. I will continue to be mindful and practice the art of yoga. I will continue forward with these affirmations and share them with you, because in a world that often seems full of hate, harassment, abuse, discomfort, and lack of hope, we need to send positive vibes out there to return them back to us and share them with our communities.

I am sending you hope, comfort, love, happiness, wellness, and mindfulness in the New Year. Do the same for yourself, for others, for your communities and the greater good. Do not encourage negative contributions to the world or to your internal mental wellness. Do not live in the digital world. Live in reality. Live with the people you value.

Be a source of light to yourself and to the greater good, always. I am capable. You are capable. So capable.

Julia Rose.

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