6 Amazing Gifts to Get People with T1D this Holiday Season

I realize this post is coming a little late, but, as they say - better late than never! If you exchange gifts later than Christmas Day, there's still time to gift your loved one with T1D something wonderful post the big day. Why not on New Year's Eve or Day?

1. Shop Casualty Girl Swag

Shop Casualty Girl's array of T1D swag will help your loved ones with T1D find humor in their condition throughout the year. Having a sense of humor about the condition is inherently valuable - I should know. Having T1D teaches you life is short and you can't take it too seriously, which, despite bad T1D days, helps you relax in knowing that life is all about the small things - love, happiness, health, joy, compassion, and being helpful.

Check out Shop Casualty Girl's shop via Society6. (Holiday Shopping PSA: 10% off your first order as a new customer!)

2. Myabetic Cases

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Myabetic has amazing cases to store diabetes supplies in. The brand puts some fashion into management, which I appreciate as a person who enjoys maintaining, embracing and emphasizing her own personal style. Whatever method you use to manage, Myabetic has cases to fit a variety of T1D equipment for a fair price, too. Even better!

Check out Myabetic's cases here. (Holiday Shopping PSA: 15% off of your first order as a new customer!)

3. Beyond Type 1 Apparel

Undoubtedly one of my favorite T1D charity foundations, Beyond Type 1 comes equipped with some fabulous apparel for your loved one with T1D this holiday season. My personal favorite is the black #LiveBeyond women's hoodie. This hashtag is not only a socially conscious addition to the apparel but a solid reminder for people managing it that they have the power to live beyond their condition every day. T1D strong!

Shop Beyond Type 1's apparel here. Please check out their website for the latest T1D updates, news, and incredible stories, too. You will be so happy to be a part of this supportive community. In addition to their website, you can become a part of the app here.

4. Sierra Sandison's Sugar Linings Swag

More unique, wonderful sayings for your loved one with T1D to sport all year, coming straight from Miss Idaho's Sierra Sandison, author, Bike Beyond team member, and a person with T1D. You will love Sierra's mission. Her apparel is uplifting, fun, and fashionable for your loved ones. Don't forget to check out Sierra's book, which inspired the collection, "Sugar Linings." This would also make a great gift for your loved one with T1D this holiday season.

Check out the variety of clothing here. (Holiday Shopping PSA: Free shipping off your first order when you supply your email address!)

5. Burt's Bees Leg & Foot Creme

I don't think all people with T1D want to receive this gift for the holidays, but if you know it's something they haven't tried, it's nice to pair with a foot massager or new cozy slippers. This leg and foot cream is 99.9% natural, which is just one of the reasons I love it. It's worth the cost of about $8-9 for the way it makes your feet & legs feel. The packaging doesn't lie - it really does provide almost instantaneous comfort while soothing, relaxing, and distressing. Totally worth a try!

Find it at Target for $8.59.

6. Whatever the Hell they Want

Diabetes doesn't exactly limit you to what you want, can have, or desire over the holiday season because everybody's body reacts to the autoimmune disease differently. Yes, there are limits, but there are limits for ANYONE. The condition exists on a grayscale of limits and management. T1D is as limiting as you make it. Individuals experience it at so many different levels, so many experiences and conditions are conditional to genetics, lifestyle, or something else unique to that person.

For people with T1D, it's all about how they balance those wants and knowing where to establish limits. Don't be afraid to get a person with T1D a bag of chocolate if it's what they asked for. You don't have to walk on eggshells around a person with T1D over the holidays (or any other time of year) wondering if the present you got them is sensitive to their lifestyle or not. Ask them! The best way to know how to care for your loved one is to have those simple conversations. People with T1D are normal people. Their "something" to deal with just might be a bit more complicated than yours, but they're used to it, and if they care for you as much as you do them, all they want you to do is be informed, considerate and aware. That's what everyone really wants out of a caring relationship, right?

Make those efforts now and throughout the year. Relationships, whether romantic, familial or friendship, are a two-way street. Care for each other by keeping lines of communication and compassion open.

Enjoy the holiday season with those whom you love.

Sending my love,
Julia Rose


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