On opening your mind

Do not be so narrow-minded as to believe the information you know is inherently more valuable or less valuable than someone else. Though some of us may have had more exposure to more complex information in life, what we know is different than that of a stranger. It is not necessarily more or less valuable.

Of course, there are great minds in this world. Some people naturally are more intellectual than others. There are people whose minds operate at a strictly intellectual level that drive civilization forward. There is no denying the genius that exists on planet Earth. That said, what I'm getting at is the dialect shared between "common" or "normal" people, and how we shouldn't feel ashamed or disappointed to be referred to in such a manner.

Those in my generation grew up being told to be amazing, and, if we're not, we are easily disappointed and unfulfilled, when, in reality, there is value to being normal. One should feel appreciation for living a "normal" life. Everyone has their own version of normal. Though we may share a framework for existence and be a part of the same race, the human race, what we fill our frames with is unlike each other's. Everyone has a different experience to share about life and themselves.

Everyone knows something you don't. Value opportunities to share information as opportunities to teach and learn. Open yourself to conversation. Agree to disagree. Do not give in to instincts to be boastful.

It is good to be proud of your experiences or accomplishments, but it is important to not undermine someone else in the process of celebrating yourself. Compromising your character should not be the effect of celebrating your character.

Everyone is afraid. Everyone is afraid to share their knowledge. Everyone is afraid to make mistakes at some levels. Everyone is afraid to influence. You have to put yourself out there and go through backlash to become stronger, more developed, capable, and influential.

Without a little fear, there is no real passion. Without risk, there is no reward. Allow yourself to be human. Forgive yourself for your mistakes and make an effort to correct your mistakes right away. Value mistakes as learning opportunities. Absorb the lessons. Live the lessons. Value them as great moments in life to develop and become a better, more fulfilled self.

The more you open yourself to vast experiences and multi-perspective views, the more shaped you will become as an individual. The intrinsic reward is invaluable, as is the greater understanding, empathy, and acceptance for your fellow mankind. The more we learn about others, the less we judge ourselves and them.

Open your mind. Open your heart. Nurture your soul. Be unafraid in speaking your mind. Do not judge yourself so harshly. Accept difference. Embrace human nature. Relax. Love. Live - fully, passionately, dedicated, and kind. You are human; therefore, you belong everywhere you are, within and outside of yourself. Create an environment in both facets of your reality that make you a progressive and whole self.

Face forward; face yourself; face life with directional enthusiasm. Stop trying to be someone you think you should be, and you will become yourself. Believe in the earnestness of that. Believe in you. Believe in the power of sharing, accepting, embracing, and experiencing new information. The world is full of change. Change is the only constant. Develop within that change. Seek opportunities to grow through time. You will always be appreciative for doing so. Life is too short to not be grateful for every lesson.

Open your mind to possibility - always.


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