On loving yourself first, even when it's hard to

Do not sacrifice parts of yourself for the pleasure or comfort of others. The price you pay for making such efforts will eat you alive. As a result, you will feel a lessened sense of confidence, pleasure, and comfort within, which will ultimately destroy the relationship you're trying to maintain. You have more value than that. Though the decision to do something for yourself may appear harder than giving into someone at first, the long-term benefits of such decisions will outweigh the risk, because the reward will be self-encouragement, confidence, and self-care.

It's easy to fall; it's harder and more rewarding to stand up for yourself. Nothing worth having ever comes easy... but the people who want to be there for you will easily be there for you without question or hesitation. Believe in that foundation - it's a reflection of the belief in yourself. Self-respect and regard for one's well-being and happiness aren't engrained within us. We have to work for these qualities and continue to work to sustain them throughout our lives.

We are worth it. You are worth it. I am worth it.

When you know how to take care of yourself, you will be able to better interact and connect with others. People who want to be there for you will be without question. It's that simple. They won't judge. They will offer you their full support because they will see that you are doing the same for yourself. Your vibe attracts your tribe, right? Self-encouraging behavior leads to encouraging friends, romantic relationships, and vice-versa.

I've often heard before that you are like the ten people you are with most. What are those people like for you? Are they people you want to be like? Are they helping to shape your persona for the better, whether consciously or subconsciously? Are they feeding self-jeopardizing behaviors? What environments are you choosing to be a part of? Are they self-building ones, or self-harming? How will you alter your environments to create a sustainable, wholehearted, positive future?

Problems will arise. Keep this in mind. I've mentioned it many times, that despite how good a situation is or how solid the belief in oneself, there is always bad too because we are human and we are not perfect. Nor is the world in which we live. Our feelings waiver. It's expected and normal. Change is the only constant.

We choose the problems we are comfortable and confident in dealing with. We take the bad with the good. We have to in order to live a full life. We choose our mood and perspectives; at least, we have the power to. We have the power to alter our lives and it is an immense pleasure and responsibility. We must earn the life we envision for ourselves, and the relationships we have with ourselves and others.

Nothing magically happens. Progress isn't something that sits overnight and rises in the morning. Progress, self-development, and learning are lifelong journies. If you will yourself to grow, you will. If you will yourself to do the things you want to, they will happen. If you will yourself to change, you will. Hard work pays off, and let me assure you, you're worth every risk. Don't let people who can't be there for you make you think otherwise. Don't let them steer your path. The person you need most is you. You are the light and guide. The person you need the most love, care, and respect from is you.

Do that for yourself. Be that person for you.

What problems are you willing to deal with to live the best version of good you can? Are you doing what's best for you, or are you sacrificing parts of yourself for others? Do not ignore yourself. Face yourself. Embrace yourself. Accept yourself and listen internally. Be mindful of your desires and actions. Soak in the relaxation and calmness that comes with accepting oneself and loving oneself wholly. There is so much to value about a person who is intrinsically sound.

Love yourself first. Always. Never apologize or feel bad for that. Never.


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