On being alone and alive

What does being alone mean to you? When you feel alone, do you feel separated from others? Are you separated from reality? Are you separated from yourself? Is being alone the same thing as loneliness to you, or, in that emptiness, do you seize the opportunity to discover yourself?

Please, choose the latter. Learn to embrace and accept the self that is. Learn to love that self. Accept the imperfections that make you human. Normalcy is a valuable quality within you that allows you to appreciate everyday happenstance. Problems may have occurred, and they will keep occurring. Choose to have better problems. Relax. Make better problems for yourself, ones that you are happier to deal with than the ones that weigh on you now when you experience stress or anxiety. Let go.

Let go for you. Do things for you. Do not make self-affirming decisions for others. Make them for you. Self-encouragement should not be caused by the desire for others. Self-encouragement should be caused by the desire to find oneself, to be oneself, and to love oneself. Love yourself.

Do you hear me?

Facing yourself and facing your past are some of the hardest things you can do in life. It means coming to terms with what has happened to you, accepting it, and choosing to let go. It means accepting a former self that you can choose to move forward with or redevelop into the person you know you are, the person your'e meant to be.

David Bowie once said: "aging is an extraordinary process where you become the person you were always meant to be."

Perhaps Bowie meant that the end result is the meant-to-be result, but, I would like to believe that he meant the person you are in the moments you are growing, learning, and developing is the person you're meant to be and need in the now. That person has the potential to constantly develop, adapt, and survive with new experiences and a willingness to do all of the aforementioned. There is no forever version of oneself. Within you, you will always hold the key to become renewed.

Life is a series of nows. There is no promised future. There is an uncontrollable past. What we do with that past is important, because it dictates that unpromised future. We must forgive ourselves for faults that were and were not our own.

Uncertainty is a tumultuous villain that plays like a broken record in our worried heads if we let it. We never truly know what's going to happen. We must be relaxed and calmed by that reality. We must accept that in order to move forward more wholeheartedly and lightheartedly in life. Life is way too short to be overly concerned with all the could bes. If we think too much on the could bes, we'll miss all the moments they could have happened.

Embrace the good as it comes. Embrace the love. Embrace the life.

Nothing truly ever lasts after all - Right? The only thing that does, arguably, is death, and what a shame it is to let anything else affect us as deeply in this lifetime should we consider the reality of being alive. Life ends in death. It does not lead to death. We cannot be led by death. No matter what we do, we will reach our conclusions, but we can't live in anticipation of them.

We should not be led by negativity. If we consider ourselves to be on a journey to death, we will never truly live before that. If we are always looking for more or searching for happiness, we will never find our answers. We create our own meaning. We must look within ourselves to discover that meaning. Within us, lies purpose. Within us, lies promise.

We can find purpose in the now by letting go of the demons that haunt us to live a more purposeful, meaningful, positive present. The past is a part of our present, but it is not our future. Our future is a product of all the right nows moving forward. What will you make of yours? How will you treat yourself as a friend?

How will you be led by being alive?


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