60,000 steps in Chicago

Though I tend to loath the word "tourist," I was definitely that tourist this weekend while visiting my old college roommate and friend in the Windy City. Little did I know, until taking a ferry ride tour of the Chicago River and Lake Michigan, that Chicago is not actually named “the Windy City” for environmental reasons.

I can’t tell you exactly why it’s actually named that - Sorry, I suggest you Google it. I honestly wasn’t paying close enough attention because I was getting heavily rained on by sideways drizzles and Lake Michigan splashes.

It was a moist afternoon. (Enjoy that word choice for a second, then move on. 😉)

Being in the city has always enlivened me, whether it be New York or Chicago. When I was in Chicago, I was reminded of a past self and life that was in New York, but in a cleaner, kinder setting, because I was visiting with new knowledge and perspective on life. It was also literal, though, in that Chicago is a lot cleaner and kinder than New York City often is.

The mood is not as stressed, nor are the people, at least they don't appear to be. There are less tourists and more opportunities to be seated at a restaurant within 20 minutes as opposed to New York’s typical 40, to 60-minute waits (and that's being kind).

Then again, maybe I'm just idealizing a great weekend getaway. It was just what I needed!

I appreciate and enjoy New York and Chicago for different reasons. It was wonderful to get out and explore. I walked many miles there. According to my iPhone, it was approximately a 60,000-step weekend. Needless to say, my calves and feet hurt, but I still plan to go to the gym later this week, because, despite a fun weekend, the work week goes on. We move forward with our routines.

I hope to visit again soon. The pace and promise of the skyline was enough to set my inspiration ablaze.

What sort of environment inspires you to work hard and passionately? Tell me in the comments.


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