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6 Ways Achieving Self-Actualization Improves Your Mental Health

In 2018, with everything that’s going on in the world, from Time’s Up’s movements towards equality in the workplace, among many other important agendas, to threats of nuclear war, the attention on the individual has wavered onto more “serious” matters.

You may question - where do my individual traits come into play now? Where do they fit? Where does their importance lie? What is my purpose?
It’s easy to look at the bigger picture and wonder what your role is in all of it. Getting back down to earth, and working on self-development may seem like the last thing on your list, even considering “smaller” issues at work or with your family.

The idea of self-actualization, a theory created by Abraham Maslow, represents individual growth toward fulfillment of highest needs (or a whole self). 
The need for self-respect, self-esteem, and healthy, positive feelings, according to Maslow, “derive from admiration.”
How do feelings derived from admiration positively affect the individual, and how c…

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