This Blog is Having a Digital Detox

Hello, friends,

For those that read my blog, thank you. I've been on a hiatus, I realize, with no explanation, but, as they say, you often need to disconnect to reconnect, and there are periods in life where I feel like writing and sharing about myself, and times I feel like being very private and not sharing.

The truth is, life is going so great; I'm living in the moment and don't have a lot of time to write for personal pleasure right now on this blog. I've been writing for professional purposes more and more, and when I'm home or enjoying the weekend, I like to exercise, read, be with my friends and family, and travel.

Some things are best kept close to the heart and with those you know best and love most. As I said, nothing bad is going on, and things are great. I feel very grateful for my place in life and the people in it.

One day soon I may return to Julia in Red or a blog by a different title - I really don't know, and I can't tell you about my plan, because I don't have one, only to officially say I'm giving it a break. I am taking more time to work on other writing ventures in the professional world. Summer allows for extra productivity!

I will never be the blogger or influencer who posts about every moment of her life or poses in cute outfits or does makeup videos and elicits friends and fans to like everything. That's just not me, though I commend the women and men who own this type of blogging and influence, and do it well. It's a particular craft that only a few truly excel at! Take Julia Engel, for example - she's a great modern blogging icon who has taken what she does and turned it into a fashion empire, or Emily Schuman or Natalie Off Duty. These women are exceptional.

I've always put a focus on writing, and word is more important to me than anything in my professional career, so, although it's been fun to try and play the game in the past, I really want to focus on my work in my current role, and, outside of it, writing the novel I have aspired to and submitting extra work to publications I have followed and admire. I still love fashion, beauty, and health and wellness, but the times I write about it, I hope, will be on external websites to extend my reach and establish my credibility as an author at this time.

Though social media and the Web may imply otherwise, you don't need to share everything about your life. Privacy is a wonderful and beautiful thing, and you really don't need to explain why you are or aren't a part of it. You may see me return to blogging in a new way in the future, but, for now, I want to remain undefined and outside of this world and onto my own. I have adopted another cat recently, have been spending more time with friends and family, going out, volunteering, and have very exciting travel abroad plans coming up.

I hope you understand and find time for yourself to digitally detox as well. Thanks for everything, and when you can step away from your screens, do.

All the Best,
Julia Rose


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