Appleton's New Natural Hair care Line Embraces Organics, Drives the Natural Beauty Movement to New Levels

Antidote1848, a natural hair care line founded by David Calle and Abigail Kuehl has grown strong since its 2015 inception with its thoughtfulness for plant-based ingredients quoted by several regional journals as being "natural enough to almost eat."

Calle and Kuehl began the line in 2015, starting with two products and growing their brand to a total of 14 today.

The product line is extensive and impressive, moving from their original shampoo and conditioner to now including beard oil and detangler spray, among others.

The line includes ingredients like ginseng, cranberries and sunflower oil.

Kuehl says there's nothing out there like it yet, while Calle affirms she hopes it's "the future of hair care."

The push of the environmental movement has made products like Antidote1848's "hypey," but Calle and Kuehl picture it growing to national-level. When you see the product line and meet the founders, you won't question it - lines like Antidote1848 are the feature of beauty and hair care, period.

Having received praise in New York for the line, they hope to establish its credibility and solidify its reputation nationwide.

Establishing the brand in Appleton has given credit to its allure.

Antidote1848 Founders Abigail Kuehl and David Calle
It all started in Kuehl's salon, Bold Salon in Appleton, WI. While Kuehl was testing products, she realized her clients' needs and was inspired.

She frequently met clients with scalp issues and dandruff. Because of those conditions, harsh chemicals weren't helping them, but there wasn't a clear solution or brand available to resolve these problems. They were stripping the natural oils the clients were already lacking.

The product line is not limited to Bold Salon, however, but has been distributed to many salons over time. They're not just business to business, though, but offer directly to the consumer.

You can order Antidote1848 products online at Prices are fair, especially for the quality, ranging in cost from $18, to $36.

A salon that carries the line, Freshair Salon in DePere, WI, enjoys the apothecary style, ingredients, and scents.

Antidote1848 is natural, equipped with essential oils, and has the ethics behind it to make it shine. It's stylist-inspired and approved, so the attention to the client's health, happiness and style are always there.

While Kuehl has brought her salon expertise to the brand, Calle offers his experience as an entrepreneur and advisor, among other impressive titles, to make the line shine.

With over 30 years of consumer product experience, such as with Dove, Ben & Jerry's, Nexus, Knorr, Lipton, and Hellman's, his business-minded spirit and entrepreneurial drive will help push the line to where it needs to go.

Together, the duo makes quite the pair to have created an impeccable line such as Antidote1848 that is made with the consumer in mind. With it being good for the environment as well, Antidote1848 isn't trendy, it's sustainable.

The line is here to stay and grow. What's next is more growth, raised awareness and greater attention for the natural beauty and haircare movement.

Beauty bloggers, salon owners, wellness club owners, among other tastemakers can't get enough.

The word is out on Antidote1848 -- experts anticipate the brand will grow to be a multi-million dollar business in the next five years.

Learn more about it when you visit them online at


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