6 Ways Achieving Self-Actualization Improves Your Mental Health

In 2018, with everything that’s going on in the world, from Time’s Up’s movements towards equality in the workplace, among many other important agendas, to threats of nuclear war, the attention on the individual has wavered onto more “serious” matters.

You may question - where do my individual traits come into play now? Where do they fit? Where does their importance lie? What is my purpose?

It’s easy to look at the bigger picture and wonder what your role is in all of it. Getting back down to earth, and working on self-development may seem like the last thing on your list, even considering “smaller” issues at work or with your family.

The idea of self-actualization, a theory created by Abraham Maslow, represents individual growth toward fulfillment of highest needs (or a whole self). 

The need for self-respect, self-esteem, and healthy, positive feelings, according to Maslow, “derive from admiration.”

How do feelings derived from admiration positively affect the individual, and how can self-actualization make you a better person, or at least feel better during the power struggle of 2018?

Consider this:

1. When you learn to self-actualize, you embrace what is unpredictable
Instead of feeling threatened by the surprises life may bring, like Kylie Jenner having a baby, for example, you embrace changes in life with confidence. Whether at the intimate or acquaintance level of feelings, self-actualized people do not fear, they accept wholeheartedly. Change is the only constant. Self-actualized people live this philosophy to a tee, making them feel more relaxed and themselves in potentially stressful situations.

2. Self-actualized people are patient with their journies
They know life is not a destination. How terrible it is to think that some people live wondering, “when will it be the end?” Self-actualized people live in the present, and that’s all you can do, whether you live now in 2018, are stuck in Britney Spears’ 1999 “Baby One More Time” past, or consider yourself of a different genre. Now is all you have. Live it. Love it.

3. Self-actualized people embrace their uniqueness, gracefully
Their individualism is all their own, and they accept themselves fully. Self-actualized people have reached a point in perspective (not to be used interchangeably with age) where they do not question what makes them unique. They do not consider it. They are what they are - no questions asked. Self-actualizers make their own choices. Though they are moral, they make their own rules.

4. Small things do not bother self-actualized people
You can’t let the little things get to you — they happen all the time. Life is a lot more than your dropped PB&J sandwich you still eat at 24-years-old. It’s okay. There are other sandwiches, new moments coming, and better had. Life isn’t perfect. It was never meant to be. Some things just are. And those moments that suck make the wonderful ones all the more satisfying. Take the good with the bad — it’s all you can do. Follow suit of the self-actualizer.

5. Gratefulness comes naturally to the self-actualizer
Nothing is taken for granted by someone who is self-actualized. Though others have things they do not, self-actualizers do not find or feel envy. They appreciate what they have. They know everyone has things they don’t and knows things they don’t. They accept that. They love what they have.

6. Humbleness is a part of a self-actualizer’s demeanor, always
Honesty and respect come naturally to a self-actualizer. They carry these traits in their personality and action consistently. Without their careful confidence, a self-actualizer is not as whole or nurtured by their own graces. They know they always have something to learn. Progress is purpose, not perfection. Perfection is nonexistent, and thank goodness it is.
Do you feel the pressure off your shoulders reading about self-actualizers? These are just some of the astounding traits a person who is self-actualized has. In order to achieve this level of self, many steps must be made with self-development.

Take your time in getting there. You have one life. Live it well. Always be patient and pleased with your journey. You are learning every day. You will get to where you want to go, but appreciate the moments that take you there. Live in them gracefully and gratefully ...


  1. I really enjoyed reading this post. It makes me think, and to me, anything I read that makes me think is pretty awesome. Thank you for sharing this. :)

  2. Thank you for reading, Jessica! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.


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