7 Fashion Pieces I'm Loving for Summer 2018

There's been a few days of amazing sunshine and semi-warmth in Wisconsin, and I'm already feeling summertime coming on (and planning summer vacations)! 

With the season coming up sooner rather than later, I hope, I couldn't help but browser-browse for some key summer staples. Here are a few key pieces I'm looking forward to adding to my wardrobe this year ...

1. Forever 21 Graphic Tees

via Forever21.com

Forever 21's graphic tees are pretty, creative, and fun for summer. I know it seems like Summer 2018 is far away, but it will be here before you know it. Might as well prep for those summer poolside sits or vacations!

These graphic tees are an affordable, fashionable choice.

2. NY&Company Casual Summer Dresses

via NY&Company

I am loving a lot of color in my wardrobe lately. Color in your wardrobe exudes so much happiness, vibrancy, and hope. The more you can incorporate into your summer wardrobe, the more fun you'll have, I figure. And you'll look really cute ...

NY&Company is full of fun colors and pastels for the season. I look forward to seeing their collection come in more, in full bloom, this April and May.

3. ZARA Vintage/Modern Staples

via ZARA

I'd like to argue that ZARA is one of the most affordable high-end mass fashion retailers out there today. I have adored their fashion from Day 1, and their recent vintage additions are making me drool. I'm waiting for their "Special Price" sales to get my hands on these select pieces.

I love the tungsten stain on this '70s inspired maxi dress. Crochet is about to become my Summer 2018 jam, I predict. That, and probably some fun collars and crop tops. What about you?

4. American Eagle/Aerie Bathing Suits

via American Eagle/Aerie

American Eagle/Aerie has some of the best bathing suits I've worn. I appreciate their fabric and attention to a variety of female figures. Basics are my favorites with swimsuits, so these beautiful Earthy colors are right up my alley for Summer 2018.

5. Victoria's Secret Sportswear

via Victoria's Secret

Summer is the PERFECT time to be outside. The sun is so energizing, and there's a lot more to do in nature. You might as well make the most of it, and kick some fitness butt wearing some sexy, comfortable athleticwear, right? You'll have even more motivation!

I recently purchased two pairs of yoga leggings and sports bras for a kick-*ss price thanks to Victoria's Secret's "Special Offers" and coupon codes. There's always something going on with Victoria's Secret, and they are top when it comes to lingerie and athleticwear.

6. ASOS Travel and Tribal Dresses
via ASOS
Greece, anyone? ASOS has got me vibing hard with these tribal, travel dresses! I am so in love with their laidback feel. These are dresses you could easily transition from day to night, and as a person who loves to keep going, these dresses have perfect intention.

7. Zara Maxi Dresses

via ZARA

Needless to say, vertical stripes will be big in Summer 2018, but what I like about these ZARA dresses especially is how delicately they're cut to complement a woman's figure. I'm all for them! Give me a ZARA maxi dress any day, any season. They're so workable ...

I'm also really feeling shades of yellow lately, which is odd for me, but I am excited to try to incorporate shades of the color in my wardrobe come summertime.

What trends do you love most for Summer 2018? What pieces are you buying in prepraration for the season? Share in the comments. 


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