On building yourself up

Think about what builds you up and makes you feel stronger. Do you see a person, place, thing? Go to the mirror.

Seriously - go. I'll wait.

Is it you? Do you see the thing that builds you up and makes you stronger yet?

Be that thing. Be that person. Be that feeling. Everything you need is right in front of you. Empower yourself to be the best, most full you, you can be. Whatever you feel limits you and holds you back is inside of you. It's a part of you, but it doesn't have to control or drive you. Learn from those feelings and experiences, then learn to let them go.

You have the power to let it go and make it better, to change your perspective, be the problem solver and critical thinker, adjust your expectations and grab the light you know you have the potential to be.

Despite obstacle, a difficult past or what your head might tell you otherwise, you are better than your history and all of the circumstances that have led you to self-doubt.

Self-empowerment is a change of perspective away. It's not so simple and it takes time and effort, but you are worth that time and effort. Never lose faith in yourself. You are your greatest ally and villain if you let yourself be. Who will you choose?

I encourage you to choose you, first and foremost, the you that is a friend, caretaker and family to yourself. You are better than your darkest moments. Remember that when you second guess yourself. Don't hide behind the reckage of a broken past self for experience. Get the help you need. Asking for help when you need it is strength.

When you lose faith or belief in yourself, remember there is someone out there who believes more of you. There is someone out there who supports you more than you know. Grab a hold of them and inherit the qualities like a second nature.

The soul you may lose track of to the cruelties of life will return to you. It's yours, forever. That happiness, belief, hope and humanity is yours to cherish, let grow and make better.

Don't ride the positive wave. Be the wave. You will crash on shore eventually, but you will learn to pick yourself up. You will learn to pick the problems you want to deal with. Never limit yourself to "dealing" with yourself. Love yourself. Care for yourself. Don't encourage self-depreciation or loathing. Change your thought patterns for self-improvement; and, if this pep talk hasn't convinced you yet that pushing yourself and tough love are the keys to your new doors in life, reflect on the self that once was, envision the self that will be and be the self that you know is in your core.

Forward. One step at a time. There's no rush. Life's already too short for that. Enjoy the present. Embrace the good vibes. Be empowered by them, always.


Julia Rose


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