My wish for you

You owe it to yourself to live in your conscious thought, to awaken from a bad history or self and live a full life. Nothing will ever be perfect and we shouldn't strive to be as individuals, teams, couples or otherwise. We are all human and imperfection is normal. Normal is beautiful. Normal should be embraced and accepted by our inner-most thought patterns.

If you're always searching for happiness, it won't come to you. You must make the conscious choice to alter your perspective and just be.

There is a stigma among millennial culture especially that puts a pressure on this generation to be above and beyond at all hours of the day, and, if we aren't, we feel we have failed. I know this feeling all too well, but am glad I am realizing sooner rather than later, it's the furthest from the truth.

If we're all our own version of normal, does anyone really go above and beyond? That's when we start comparing ourselves to others, pitting ourselves against each other as a war of personalities, ambition, and passion. People are the same and people are different. I don't know the answers to everything, but I feel if we go above and beyond it is within ourselves.

When we go above and beyond, we are pushing ourselves to grow. We are pushing ourselves to love ourselves deeper, more wholly and with more acceptance for our past, present, and foreseeable future. It's okay to make plans. It's good. It means you have hope. However, the most important thing we can do is appreciate the present moment.

I have not failed because I am growing. I have not failed when I feel normal. I feel invigorated when I have that sense of calm and present. I am learning about myself and life. I am setting different goals, not necessarily better or worse goals, but different ones that reflect a self I strive to be, the self that is at the core of my being and soul.

I wish you so much relaxation and lightheartedness in this life. Address any open soul wounds you may have with the utmost compassion. I wish you the strength you need to be a more fulfilled, honest, genuine, strong, empathetic, cultural and directional person. I wish for you not to be numb to the demons that plague your worst thoughts.

I wish for you not to avoid them, but face them and move through them with distinction and renewed ambition and hope. I wish for you to overcome them with grace and the knowledge that you are never truly alone. I wish for you, above all else, to be yourself wholeheartedly and with an unwavering confidence that living your truth is the best thing you can do for yourself. It is the most empowering.

There is no us or team without you. If you fail to take care of yourself, be the nurturer, friend, love, and family you need, you will not be able to engage as deeply with others you value in the same way. Think about how much you care about someone else. Think about how much you believe in them. Think about how much you love them. Now, do that for you. Care about you. Believe in you. Love you. You are so worth it. Don't feed the negativity that makes you question yourself otherwise.

Be you. No question. No apologies. Take control of your thoughts. Take control of your life. Own it. Embrace you. Love you. Nurture you. Be a friend to you. Just be you.


Julia Rose.


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