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On self-development and learning more than I thought possible

There is so much I want to say about what this past year has taught me, but, instead of doing that, I will tell you simply how I feel about it - I feel so happy that I am in a good place where I feel okay. I am not going through something anymore. Thank God. Thank goodness.

I remember the heavy burdens that weighed on my heart and soul because of a difficult past I had refused to face. I remember the feeling, but I genuinely don't feel it anymore.

This year, I did. I faced myself. I took care of myself in a way I had neglected to for so long. Though I have always done a good job of taking care of my T1D, I had failed to bandage and heal my soul wounds. I allowed them to enlarge over the years. I fed on the drama they brought. It was the only feeling I knew for a while - the highs and lows. I am better than my highs and lows. I have found balance within myself. I know how to cope and manage the bad. I see things differently. My perspective has changed, or returned, more like. I know …

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