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7 Ways to Be Emotionally Well in the New Year

In the New Year, a majority of us come up with resolutions to increase our happiness or successful outcomes, but, in order to achieve those goals we must first pay attention to our emotional wellness. These simple tips will help you start 2018 on the right foot.

1. Smile more

It sounds silly, but faking it until you make your smile genuine is an important step in achieving overall wellness and positivity. Train yourself to re-channel negative emotion or energy into positive. Making an effort to change your ciousoncious thoughts will make all the difference. You deserve to feel positively. The people who love you, including yourself, really just want you to be happy and healthy, whether that means rising to CEO level or bagging groceries at a grocery store. If you're smiling and are genuinely happy doing what you do, you are successful.

2. Make time for personal enjoyment & hobbies

You are allowed to enjoy yourself outside of work. Remember that as you move about your professiona…

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