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On loving yourself first, even when it's hard to

Do not sacrifice parts of yourself for the pleasure or comfort of others. The price you pay for making such efforts will eat you alive. As a result, you will feel a lessened sense of confidence, pleasure, and comfort within, which will ultimately destroy the relationship you're trying to maintain. You have more value than that. Though the decision to do something for yourself may appear harder than giving into someone at first, the long-term benefits of such decisions will outweigh the risk, because the reward will be self-encouragement, confidence, and self-care.

It's easy to fall; it's harder and more rewarding to stand up for yourself. Nothing worth having ever comes easy... but the people who want to be there for you will easily be there for you without question or hesitation. Believe in that foundation - it's a reflection of the belief in yourself. Self-respect and regard for one's well-being and happiness aren't engrained within us. We have to work for t…

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