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On being alone and alive

What does being alone mean to you? When you feel alone, do you feel separated from others? Are you separated from reality? Are you separated from yourself? Is being alone the same thing as loneliness to you, or, in that emptiness, do you seize the opportunity to discover yourself?

Please, choose the latter. Learn to embrace and accept the self that is. Learn to love that self. Accept the imperfections that make you human. Normalcy is a valuable quality within you that allows you to appreciate everyday happenstance. Problems may have occurred, and they will keep occurring. Choose to have better problems. Relax. Make better problems for yourself, ones that you are happier to deal with than the ones that weigh on you now when you experience stress or anxiety. Let go.

Let go for you. Do things for you. Do not make self-affirming decisions for others. Make them for you. Self-encouragement should not be caused by the desire for others. Self-encouragement should be caused by the desire to f…

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