May 2017's Best Makeup & Skincare Products & Where to Find Them

If you know anything about me, you know how much I love to try out new makeup and skincare products. Though I've found there are some that come and go, these products have remained the same in my daily beauty and skincare routines while improving brand image and product wellness over time.

Makeup is something I've always had fun with and discovered a unique sense of creativity in. While nowadays I prefer to maintain a natural palette on most occasions, I have my moments, as most beauty junkies do, where I shoot for bold. That bold look starts with an AMAZING layer of concealer and foundation from Maybelline!

Thank goodness for their range of products. You'll see their full range of concealers above: Brightening Creamy Concealer, Age Rewind Concealer, Master Concealer, Fit me! Concealer, (new) Master Color Corrector Pallette, Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer, and Color Correcting Sticks.

For my look (left), I used the color correcting kit, Fit me! Concealer, Light Concealing Stick, and Correcting Concealing Stick to lay down my look.

I finished it off with a variety of products to complete the look: Benefit fill-in brow products, Clarins Blush & Bronzer Compact, NYX Soft Matte Prague Lip Cream, and Mally Beauty More is More Mascara.

I tend to go for a clean and natural base for the face, rosy cheeks with a touch of bronzer along the sides of them, a bold lip, and even bolder lashes. Don't forget to fill in those brows!

Maybelline has been a constant for me in my daily makeup routine since I started using it sometime in middle school. Thankfully, I don't run into the same snafus as I did back then, but have matured with my personal makeup application process.

You can find a slew of Maybelline makeup products at mass retailers, drug stores, and specialty makeup stores across the USA (and internationally). The brand is everywhere for a reason. (It works!)

Skincare is also something that's very important to me in my daily routine. It's a staple of healthy living and care! A clean, healthy face is a happy one (not to be so cheesy).

Unfortunately, not all of us can afford an amazing facialist like Alexis Bledel (has she even aged a day?), but these products are doing the trick (more than) just fine for me...


8 of the Best Yellows in Spring Fashion Trends 2017 Under $75

Spring 2017 fashion trends are all about mixing old with new and a whole lot of yellow. Above you'll find some pieces of mine that I'm re-working for spring 2017: a Banana Republic top, NY & Company cropped black slacks, and Christian Siriano pointed faux alligator flats from Payless Shoe Source.

Below, you'll find some of the most exciting yellow modern pieces under $75 to work into your new wardrobe for the season from H&M, ZARA, Forever21, and NYX Cosmetics.

It's time to put the sun back into your closet this spring. Prepare to crave the bright hue, get shopping, and coordinate new spring pieces with some of the things you already own. Here's how...

1.  H&M Lyocell-Blend Blouse

This floral yellow blouse from H&M's conscious collection is the perfect way to transition into the color for those that otherwise fear the vibrant shade.

You'll love the intricate details of this blouse.

Match with fringe cropped denim or slim black trousers. Accessorize with dainty layered jewelry or bold short pieces, whatever your flavor.

Confidently embrace the sunny layered flounce of the top and don't be afraid to carry it into summer with you.

Spring fashion can easily blend into the next season.

Get it now at H&M for $59.99.

2. H&M Yellow Mules

Let's get right to the shoes, shall we? H&M shines with this quality pair of yellow mules, also available in green, light taupe, and black, for only $29.99.

You better hurry though, because there are currently a limited number of sizes available for these popular shoes.

Block heels are back, easy to walk in, and here to stay for spring and summer 2017. Trends don't lie - retro and vintage are back, and they'll keep circling. So enjoy and have fun with spring and summer fashion trends.

3. H&M Off-the-Shoulder Ruffle Top

This textured chiffon top from H&M is a new shade of yellow, warmer and deeper than the aforementioned, almost orange in tone, that doubles as a great festival or picnic in the park top.

For a more elegant look, tuck the top into a coordinating flared-out midi-skirt. I suggest looking at a fun pattern to balance with the solid top. Don't feel the need to limit yourself to florals either, even though you'll be seeing a lot of the pattern this spring. Wrap a trendy belt around your waist to accentuate the ensemble.

For a more casual look, pair with high-waist denim shorts and a great pair of strappy sandals.

Find it at H&M now for $29.99.


8 of the Best Dresses Under $50 to Wear to Summer Weddings

Personally, I'm a HUGE fan of summer weddings. Maybe it's because I'm young and haven't been to enough friends' weddings as a single, always gifting, slightly cynical 20 or 30-something; so, for now, I'll maintain my original optimism, especially with summer wedding dresses and the hope that Sam Heughan may one day notice my Twitter account.

(I kid.)

(Or do I?)

These summer wedding dresses are sure to see you through whatever ceremonies you're a part of this summer. Re-wearing fashion is not a tired concept, either. So please remember to rock these beautiful numbers confidently at other fabulous summer parties or events you attend throughout the season. Craft your own summer get-together and see what comes of it. There are so many possibilities.

1. Forever 21 Floral Print Shift Dress in Muave 

Forever 21
Every fashion girl knows with shift dresses, comes the insane possibility of owning the dance floor at all your summer weddings. They're easy to move in, and fun to watch.

This dress is flirty and elegant. Its off-the-shoulder style is still sexy without stealing attention from the bride. (Only the appropriate attention of the groomsman you've been eyeing.) Plus, what's not to love about floral? Maybe it's not "groundbreaking," but it's still very cute.

It's posted to for only $38.00. Be sure to watch for sales and coupon codes. As many die-hard online shoppers know, this site is pretty great at handing them out on the frequent. Check Retail Me Not for coupon updates about any of the sites mentioned.

Pair this summer wedding dress with an elevated sandal and fun jewelry. You're sure to get full use of it, and re-wear for other occasions throughout the summer.

2. Zara Frilled-Sleeve Dress

Dare to go for bold! This frilled-sleeve dress from Zara isn't too outrageous to wear as a summer wedding dress but is just bold enough to be the centerpiece of an intimate crowd at the reception. Capture the hearts and eyes of your desire, if even for just a night. This summer is about making memories.

Plus, if you're anything like me and are trying to get away from your usual black staples you wear year-round, this dress will be an instant mood-pleaser. Summer is a great time to try something new.

Let the sunshine lift your mood and wardrobe.

This pretty little thing is available at Zara for just $39.90. 

3.  Zara Dress With Ruffled Back in Nude Pink

Zara for the win!

I will always advocate for this company's fast-paced fashion. While some may argue the trendiness isn't sustainable, I say live in the moment - isn't that the point of fashion, and living - to be present?

This is another playful dress to rock at the summer weddings you attend. It's monotoned off-pink appeal speaks to a casual sort of elegance. Friends will appreciate your conscientious dress choice. This shade of pink is bound to pair with a myriad of high heel colors, so don't be afraid to go bold with accessories.

It's available at Zara for just $49.90.